A note about Activities

The activities at Phoenix Camp are all organised and delivered by volunteers. There are regular activities that run every camp – art and craft tent, environmental education sessions, open mic / performance, drama and theatre, animation workshops, sacred space and circus skills.

The exact activities on offer varies each camp though depending on the interests and skills of the crew and campers at each camp. Phoenix relies of volunteers to keep all aspects of the camp running, including supporting and leading activities. If you have an activity you would like to run or a skill you would like to share please contact us so we can arrange to incorporate it in the weeks activities.

Children can attend some workshops unaccompanied by an adult but can we kindly remind parents/carers that for health and safety reasons some workshops need parental support in order for children to safely access them. An example of this is cooking round the hearth fire. It’s a lovely activity to do with your child and for the safety of everyone around the fire parents need to supervise their own children. Please speak to the activity organisers if you have any queries around this.

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